A retirement to enjoy

How do you see your future? Many of our clients at Strategy First have a clear picture of a preferred future that sees the role of work shift from being a necessity to being a choice.


Initially work enables us to fund our lifestyle, support our family, give us a home, and accumulate our financial capital. Ideally, we get to a stage where we’re able to choose if, and how much, we work based on passion, mental stimulation, giving back or other ‘higher needs’, rather than just about the money.


Inevitably, at some point in time, our working days will end and because of this certainty, we need to plan for our retirement.


Retirement planning is based on three goals:

  • Helping you accumulate sufficient financial capital needed to replace your human capital (money you earn from work) at a time that suits your future goals.

  • Ensuring your financial capital is structured appropriately to optimise your after-tax, retirement cashflow.

  • Investing your financial capital in a way that is aligned with your risk profile and your target timeframe.

Our goal is to help you plan for the kind of retirement you’d most prefer to enjoy.

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