Protect Wealth


Protecting your wealth

While none of us have absolute control over the future, we do have the opportunity to develop contingency plans in the event of misadventure. This gives a sense of security and a safe framework for our personal future and for the future of our loved ones. 


At Strategy First we focus on understanding your current and future financial needs in the event of death, disability and trauma. 


Our advisors closely assess your ability to self-insure against these events and determine whether there is the need for additional cover, if there is a gap between need and self-insurance. 


We also leverage our experience and expertise to determine the most appropriate cover, insurer, ownership structure and premium structure to balance cost efficiency with adequacy of cover, and focus on ensuring other assets are owned appropriately for asset protection purposes.


Importantly, we do not accept any commissions so you can trust our advice is tailored to your individual needs.

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