Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is first to understand you as an individual investor with your unique perspective in relation to the rewards and risks of investing. We balance out the risk of not earning adequate returns over time with a structured approach to wise investment choices, to give you the best chance of meeting your financial goals.

We recognise that each human is different and therefore has a different investment approach based on individual needs and objectives, whether driven rationally and/or emotionally.

The unique human dimension

Strategy design

With a thorough understanding of you and your objectives in place, we use our expertise to design and structure a portfolio that is most likely to achieve your goals.

We focus on the structure of your portfolio rather than on picking highs and lows in the market. We don’t believe in crystal balls, nor in actively managed portfolios.


Academic research shows that over time, asset allocation has a greater impact on an investor’s experience than other factors. We therefore focus on getting the structure of your portfolio balanced over appropriate asset classes to meet your objectives. This gives greater confidence in achieving strong returns over time.

A structural approach

Strategic diversification gives you the opportunity for security while also harnessing opportunities for growth. We design a structured portfolio based on both defensive and growth broad asset classes, as well as further diversifying into sub asset classes that match investment dimensions such as large, value and small companies in both domestic and global equity markets.

This approach decreases expected volatility while also positioning for exposure to growth opportunities.

Diversification and dimension-based investing

We take a comprehensive long-term view on managing both tax and trading costs. After all, your net return is the key measure of overall success.


We construct your portfolio with as much rigour and reliability as we can, understanding you and your individual needs.

The following pages outline our portfolio construction process, as well as giving more detail on our investment philosophy for different asset classes.


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Portfolio Construction

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