Integrated Financial Management

The journey is
the reward

Integrated Financial Management

Bespoke financial advice for long-term investors

Financial success is achieved by design, rather than by accident.


At Strategy First we work with you to create a big vision around your financial objectives and then develop a comprehensive and integrated financial management system to put your plan into action. This methodology facilitates smart financial decisions, efficient operational and administrative activity and therefore the best chance of achieving your preferred financial future.

Our structured process includes planning, strategy design, monitoring, refinement and review. We believe in a big picture, long-term view and take a holistic approach to financial advice… we aim to prevent you from making unnecessary mistakes as well as helping you take steps towards your financial goals. Our integrated plans include investment planning, superannuation strategies, retirement planning, estate planning and of course protection of your wealth.


Achievement of outcomes is equally as important as setting the dreams and the plans. To focus on final outcomes, we collaborate closely with other professionals such as your accountant, lawyer and banker to take your whole financial situation into account. We hope this brochure gives a sense of our philosophy and approach as well as the specifics of how we can help you and your family towards your preferred future.

An integrated approach

As the care-takers of your financial objectives, we work closely with associated professionals, such as your Accountant, Lawyer, Financier and others to optimize your overall position taking interest, tax and net returns into account.


Collaboration, communication and cross-checking enable us to co-ordinate and integrate specialist advice so that we exercise responsibility and give wise advice. This way we focus on optimizing your net returns after fees and tax, taking your individual family circumstances into account and leveraging opportunities where possible.

Journey towards Financial objectives

A successful journey towards your goals requires integration of specialist services.

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