Integrated Financial Management

Case Study

Mark* is a retired CEO of an ASX 100 company. He expects a high standard of strategic investment advice as well as efficient and cost-effective day-to-day management of his financial affairs. Mark requires timely monitoring and reporting to ensure that matters are tracking to plan. He also likes to be on the front foot to respond to regulatory changes that might affect his investment and tax strategies.


In addition to financial planners, Mark has a panel of specialists advising him including; his accountant, SMSF specialist, private banker, lawyer and real estate agent. He needs these specialists to work together as a cohesive team for overall successful outcomes.

Having previously had a PA to support him, Mark now also needs the administration and operational side of his financial affairs taken care of day-to-day. While Mark spends time travelling and enjoying his retirement, he needs the peace of mind that a professional strategic and operational team is “on the job” anticipating issues, leveraging opportunities and ensuring smooth day-to-day operation and administration.

Strategy First provides the following comprehensive service for Mark:

• Integrated financial planning and management

• Co-ordination and liaison with specialist advisors

• Investment strategy design

• Tax strategy in conjunction with accountant

• Manual investment operations

• SMSF management in conjunction with accountant and lawyer

• Asset protection

• Insurances

• Estate planning in conjunction with accountant and lawyer

• All administration

• Correspondence

• Documentation

• PAYG payments and documentation

• Account reconciliation and preparation for Accountant

Strategy First Team Members working for Mark:

How is Mark’s service structured with Strategy First?

Mark enjoys the benefit of personal service and advice from a key Strategy First Adviser who has been in the business for nearly 15 years. This gives Mark continuity and means that he does not have to switch Advisors as employees change, as sometimes happens in larger institutions. Mark also has the benefit of ongoing operational and administrative support from the client services team.

Mark meets with Strategy First four times a year while the structured system set up between the parties ensures continuity of financial management:




What is the cost structure for this service?

As Mark has a sizable portfolio, he enjoys significant benefits from a fixed flat fee rather than a fee calculated on the percentage of funds under management. Moreover, these costs are tax deductible to Mark, both within super and in his personal name, so he is able to optimise his after-tax position.

Mark’s fixed fee is based on the time and expertise provided to service his needs. He takes comfort in the knowledge that no commissions exchange hands and indeed if any providers work on such a basis, Mark personally receives the rebates credited back to his account.

This structure gives Mark a sense of security that he can trust the advice he has been given by Strategy First. Mark can also rest assured that there is no risk of hidden costs or mistakes that otherwise might occur from a situation where commissions come into play. Strategy First maintains integrity through negotiating fees based solely on the expertise and service delivered. Mark chooses the level of service based on his needs and on the value provided to him.


* Name changed