Advice-based Fees


No conflict of interest

'Fee for service' basis

We provide advice on a pure ‘fee for service’ basis to ensure that you remain in control of the cost at all times. We only invoice fees when providing advice and services to our clients. These fees are estimated based on the work to be performed and the complexity of the financial situation and will be relayed to you for agreement upfront. There is no charge for the initial consultation.


Zero commission

We do not accept any commissions on financial products we recommend and implement, so you can rest assured that we are acting with only your interests at heart.

100% rebated to you

Any brokerage paid on Mortgages, Margin Loans or Life Insurance, TPD Insurance, Income Protection, Critical Illness and Business Expense Insurance implemented through us will be 100% rebated to you. Any commission that are unable to be rebated are fully credited back to you to offset the cost of providing advice.


Complete transparency

To provide you with unrivalled transparency, all professional time incurred is accurately recorded, costed and tracked.

Stages of advice

We charge a separate fee for 2 distinct stages of advisory services.​


1. Initial Financial Advice, Investment Recommendations & Implementations

Your initial consultation is complimentary. Thereafter, all advice, recommendations and implementations will be carried out according to our agreed upon fee.


2. Ongoing review and management

An annual retainer will be agreed upon to provide a structured review program. It is not based on percentage or the size of assets managed.

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